SOA Infrastructure Blog: REST maybe part of the answer

In the last few weeks/months I have got more immersed in the world of REST and what it means to build and have a REST application. While at first glance it may seem that REST is a lighter weight version of a web-service implementation, it is by no means the complete answer and I do not believe REST is simply a replacement of Web Services because of how they operate is different.

When developing Object applications, in whatever language, you hit a reality that if your application is successful, then it will grow beyond the confines of the machine/JMV that it runs on, and as such you have to refer to objects that are beyond a single instance of the application's memory space. This can be done using a number of different technologies such as object databases that can map the same object into different application instances, but the locks are maintained by the central server so consistency of the objects are maintained, even if the object is distributed in 100s of applications at a time.

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SOA Infrastructure Blog: REST maybe part of the answer

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