Dynamic SOA and BPM

Dynamic SOA and BPM

Abstract: After several years of companies industry-wide combining Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM), the results are mixed. Some companies have had substantial benefits moving to SOA, while others have had average results. All these companies used the appropriate technologies, such as Web Services and Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) for processes, so the outcome should, in theory, be more predictable. It is now a good time for companies to extract the best practices and learn from others' experiences. This article is an introduction to "Dynamic SOA and BPM", a book which provides an exhaustive exploration of the best practices for delivering dynamic business processes and business services in order to quickly absorb market condition changes.

by Marc Fiammante

Published: September 25, 2009 (SOA Magazine Issue XXXII: September 2009)


When SOA was initiated a few years ago, the simplified integration capabilities brought hopes of a simplified Business and IT landscape with reusable business components enabled by open technologies. There were however several reasons for not receiving the full business value of this services approach, including these essential ones:
• Business semantic tight coupling on a technical loose coupling: Many projects just used Web Services to implement a Client/Server approach. Any change in the server interfaces leads to client changes and high change costs.
• Business Processes reintroducing the tight coupling of flexible business services. Enterprises have implemented end-to-end processes such as order management in very large business processes, but then faced the lack of reusability of some sequences that could have been modularized and exposed as services.
• Rigid information models used to expose business services. In many cases services are only viewed as operations, forgetting that the business information structure that they carry will as well vary with the evolution of the business and lead to costly changes of services and processes.
Each of these experiences induced a deeper thinking process around what should be the essence of a business variable approach and how we could reach a true business/IT alignment with the expected shortened IT cycle enabling faster and cheaper business reactions.

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Information Management, BPM and Integration: Achieving Cost Efficiency in the Financial Sector

Information Management, BPM and Integration: Achieving Cost Efficiency in the Financial Sector

by Laurel Sanders
October 28, 2009, 12:01 PM — docfinity.com —

For financial institutions to be viable, they must be cost efficient. Even high-profile giants aren’t immune to closures, mergers, and takeovers if they neglect to control costs. Competition today is fierce; only the fittest survive.

If you read industry literature, you’ve noticed the plethora of information about streamlining and automation, from banking journals highlighting productivity tools to technologies that enhance credit unions’ member services, or the benefits of going paperless for tax preparers and accounting firms. Yet despite the focus on streamlining and automation, many financial institutions continue to overlook the fundamental barrier to cost efficiency: cumbersome access to the information they need. Why? Because they lack an integrated approach to the digital workplace.

Digital capture and storage make information easily retrievable and useful, but don’t necessarily enable enterprise-wide efficiency. Data housed in customer relationship management (CRM) software, accounting, human resources, and other applications has limited value if it’s not reused efficiently everywhere it’s needed. The solution? Instant, secure, central access to all of your digital content. A work management system that systematically drives work forward, drawing on your business systems for pertinent documents and information. Electronic document management (EDM) and business process management (BPM) do both and more, unleashing great power by connecting people with information and transforming both service and institutional performance.


Ganhamos!!!! Fora de casa e jogando razoavelmente bem.........pena que estamos atrasados.

Viáfara; Nino Paraíba, Wallace, Fábio Ferreira e Róbson (Anderson Martins); Vanderson, Uelliton, Ramon e Glaúcio; Elkeson (Neto Berola) e Leandrão (Roger)
Técnico: Vagner Mancini

Felipe; Alessandro, Chicão, William e Marcelo Oliveira (Balbuena); Jucilei, Edu (Boquita), Elias e Defederico (Dentinho); Jorge Henrique e Ronaldo
Técnico: Mano Menezes

Data: 28/10/2009 (quarta-feira)
Local: estádio Barradão, em Salvador (BA)
Árbitro: Márcio Chagas da Silva (RS)
Auxiliares: José Antonio Chaves Filho (RS) e Cleriston Clay Rios (SE)
Cartões amarelos: Fábio Ferreira, Nino Paraíba, Uelliton (VIT); Edu, Defederico, Elias, Boquita (COR)
Gol: Defederico, aos 22min do segundo tempo



Lamentável! Só nos resta o ano que vem. Será?
A história mostra que a maioria dos times no ano do Centenário não foi bem. Vamos conseguir mudar essa história?

Data: 25/10/2009 (domingo)
Local: estádio do Pacaembu, São Paulo (SP)
Árbitro: Péricles Bassols Cortez (RJ)
Auxiliares: Hilton Moutinho Rodrigues (Fifa-RJ) e Ricardo de Almeida (RJ)
Público: 23.672 torcedores
Renda: R$ 705.591,50
Cartões amarelos: Edu, Felipe, Elias (COR); Gil, Fernandinho 2, Fabrício (CRU)
Cartão vermelho: Fernandinho
Gols: Gilberto, aos 40min do primeiro tempo;

Felipe; Alessandro, William, Chicão e Marcelo Oliveira; Jucilei (Edno), Edu (Boquita) e Elias; Jorge Henrique, Ronaldo e Dentinho (Defederico)
Técnico: Mano Menezes

Fábio; Jonathan, Cláudio Caçapa, Gil e Diego Renan (Elicarlos); Fabrício, Henrique, Marquinhos Paraná e Gilberto (Leandro Lima); Thiago Ribeiro e Guerrón (Fernandinho)
Técnico: Adilson Batista

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Magrão; Moacir, César, Durval e Dutra; Hamilton, Andrade, Fabiano (Zé Antonio) e Luciano Henrique; Arce (Fininho) e Wilson (Vandinho)
Técnico: Péricles Chamusca

Felipe; Balbuena, Chicão, William e Marcelo Oliveira (Henrique); Marcelo Mattos (Jadson), Jucilei, Elias e Edno (Defederico); Jorge Henrique e Dentinho
Técnico: Mano Menezes

Data: 18/10/2009 (domingo)
Local: estádio da Ilha do Retiro, no Recife (PE)
Árbitro: Francisco Carlos Nascimento (AL)
Auxiliares: Otavio Correia Neto (AL) e Pedro Santos de Araújo (AL)
Público: 21.143 pessoas
Renda: R$ 130.865,00
Cartões amarelos: Andrade, Luciano Henrique, Moacir (SPO); Marcelo Oliveira, William (COR)
Gols: Arce, aos 36min do primeiro tempo; Wilson, aos 23min do segundo tempo
UOL Celular


Are Services Nouns or Verbs?

Are Services Nouns or Verbs?
— Should Services be nouns or verbs? It's possible to design Services either way, as Entity Services, which predictably represent business entities, or as Task Services, that represent specific actions that implement some step in a process, in other words, verbs. Which approach is better?



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Felipe; Alessandro, Chicão, William e Marcelo Oliveira (Balbuena); Marcelo Mattos, Jucilei, Elias (Moradei); Jorge Henrique, Ronaldo e Dentinho (Defederico)
Técnico: Mano Menezes

Marcelo Grohe, Thiego (Renato), Leo, Rever e Lúcio; Túlio, Adílson (Perea), Fabio Rochemback e Tcheco; Jonas (Herrera) e Maxi Lopez
Técnico: Paulo Autuori

Data: 10/10/2009 (sábado)
Local: estádio do Pacaembu, em São Paulo (SP)
Árbitro: Nielson Nogueira Dias (PE)
Assistentes: Erich Bandeira/PE (Fifa /PE) e Jossemmar José Diniz Moutinho/PE
Público: 21.233 (19.410 pagantes)
Renda: R$ 655.243,50
Cartões amarelos: Túlio, Herrera e Adílson (Grêmio), Ronaldo e Alessandro (Corinthians)
Gols: Ronaldo (C) aos 11min e Elias (C) aos 33min do primeiro tempo; Rever (G) aos 24min do segundo tempo

The Role of the Business Analyst in an SOA World

The Role of the Business Analyst in an SOA World
— Those of us that are part of SOA-related projects where traditional business analysts (BA) are involved often find ourselves frustrated by the incongruence between the analyst’s approach to requirements gathering and the SOA design. The problem arises because SOA models functionality of a business across multiple boundaries, whereas the business analyst wants to focus on a user’s needs. One focus is tactical and the other is strategic. However, more than this key difference, certain aspects of the tactical requirements overlap with the strategic requirements; specifically with regard to service boundaries. Thus, important business rules that are relevant to the definition of a particular service are buried among hundreds of irrelevant (to the SOA goals) requirements and the SOA architect is forced to mine these requirements like a miner mining for gold.[...]


When a Guitar Plays the Blues

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Tríplice Coroa virou piada. Espero pelo menos que estejamos na Sulamericana ano que vem. Vencer a Libertadores e a Sulamericana calaria a boca de muita gente.

Rafael; Mariano, Gum, Luiz Alberto e Dieguinho (Roni); Diogo, Diguinho, Fábio Neves (Equi González) e Darío Conca; Alan e Adeílson (Tartá).
Técnico: Cuca

Felipe; Alessandro, William, Paulo André e Balbuena; Marcelo Mattos (Edu), Jucilei, Elias e Defederico (Souza); Jorge Henrique e Dentinho (Edno).
Técnico: Mano Menezes

Data: 07/10/2009 (quarta-feira)
Local: Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Árbitro: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (DF)
Auxiliares: Ênio Ferreira de Carvalho (DF) e Marrubson Melo Freitas (DF)
Cartões amarelos: Diguinho e Mariano (Fluminense). Balbuena, Dentinho, Marcelo Mattos, Souza e Paulo André (Corinthians).
Gols: Alan, aos 3 minutos; e Dentinho, aos 23 minutos do primeiro tempo.


Why SOA Needs Cloud Computing - Part 1

Why SOA Needs Cloud Computing - Part 1
— It’s Thursday morning, you’re the CEO of a large, publicly traded company, and you just called your executives into the conference room for the exciting news. The board of directors has approved the acquisition of a key competitor, and you’re looking for a call-to-action to get everyone planning for the next steps.



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Felipe; Alessandro, Renato, Paulo André e Marcinho (Souza); Marcelo Mattos (Jucilei), Elias e Edno (Defederico); Jorge Henrique, Ronaldo e Dentinho
Técnico: Mano Menezes

Galatto; Nei, Manoel, Rhodolfo (Chico) e Márcio Azevedo (Alex Sandro); Valencia, Rafael Miranda, Marcinho (Netinho) e Paulo Baier; Wesley e Wallyson.
Técnico: Antônio Lopes

Data: 3/10/2009 (sábado)
Local: estádio do Pacaembu, em São Paulo (SP)
Árbitro: André Luiz de Freitas Castro (GO)
Assistentes: Fabrício Vilarinho da Silva e Jusmar Benedito Miranda de Paula (ambos de GO)
Público: 29.716
Renda: R$ 918.926,00
Cartões amarelos: Alessandro (C); Márcio Azevedo (A), Manoel (A), Nei (A), Alex Sandro (A)
Gols: Paulo Baier (A), aos 7min, Wallyson (A), aos 23min, Jucilei (C), aos 38min, Wesley (A), aos 48min do segundo tempo


Aula de Economia

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Um viajante chega numa cidade e entra num pequeno hotel.

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Ninguém ganhou nenhum vintém, porém agora toda a cidade vive sem dívidas e com o crédito restaurado, e começa a ver o futuro com confiança!




Bo Diddley & Ron Wood

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