Flame: Bunny, Frog, Munch and BeetleJuice… - Securelist

Flame: Bunny, Frog, Munch and BeetleJuice… - Securelist: As already mentioned in the previous blog post about Flame, the volume of its code and functionality are so great that it will take several months for a complete analysis. We’re planning on continually disclosing in our publications the most important and interesting details of its functionality as we reveal them. At the moment we are receiving many inquiries about how to check systems for a Flame infection. Of course the simplest answer, for us, is to advise to use Kaspersky Lab Antivirus or Internet Security. We successfully detect and delete all possible modifications of the main module and extra components of Flame. However, for those who want to carry out a detailed check themselves, at the end of this article we will give the necessary recommendations and advice.

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