How Many More Years — Howlin’ Wolf

'How Many More Years' introduced the startling voice of Chester Burnett, aka Howlin' Wolf, to the record-buying public at the end of 1951, and its impact was both immediate and lasting. Most listeners had probably never heard anything like this before, with Wolf's wailing, Ike Turner's pounding piano and Willie Johnson's wildly distorted guitar, and Wolf 's music continues to amaze. Sam Phillips cut the disc at his Memphis Recording Service in July 1951 before he had launched his Sun label and sent it to Chess in Chicago. It became a top ten R&B hit on the Billboard charts and Wolf was on his way to iconic status in the blues. On the original Chess single, the composer of 'How Many More Years' (and the flip side, 'Moanin' at Midnight'), as printed on the record label, was one Carl Germany. Credits have since been revised to reflect Wolf (Chester Burnett) as the composer of both. THE HOWLIN' WOLF Howlin' Wolf, vocal and harmonica, with Ike Turner, piano; Willie Johnson, guitar; Willie Steel, drums. Recorded July 1951 in Memphis. Released on 78 rpm single as Chess1479 in 1951 (also on 45 rpm).

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