Career Changing

That's not the first time I change the ways of my career. Couple years ago, I gave up my career in financial companies (retail banking services) to start from scratch in the IT world. Studied networking computers and got CCNA certification but didn't caught a job due the lack of experiemce in IT. So I had an opportunity to start working on development. First Java and then VB.NET. After about two years, I'm changing my carrer again, now using the acquired experience in IT with my wide knowledge in banking services, working like a Solutions Architect for banking & back-office. To do that, I'll have to get the PMP certification. from the beginning of 2010 will be focused on that. For now, I'm managed to finish my post grad in Software Engineering SOA-based. I intend to prepare the way for the PMP cert, doing my course conclusion work related to SOA Project Management, and also, to use my ITIL v2 knowledge.
This way, from today, Bala's Blog will present blog posts related to Project Management (but not only).

And if I can give an advice to someone else, I say:

Don't be afraid. Go ahead! Believing yourself is the first and main step to do.

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