3 Patterns from SOA Design Patterns by Thomas Erl

InfoQ: 3 Patterns from SOA Design Patterns by Thomas Erl

The first draft of SOA Design Patterns had 60 patterns that were reviewed by more than 100 selected SOA specialists from all over the world. During the same time the draft was subject to public review on soapatterns.org. The SOA community was invited to contribute with their own patterns, ones they had used and had been validated in production. The response led to a collection of 34 new patterns. The end result was a catalog of 85 individual and compound patterns plus 28 candidate patterns – as today - subject to further review and validation by the SOA community. These patterns can be used as guidelines for solid SOA design and implementation. In this article we present 3 Inventory Governance Patterns from chapter 10 of the book: Canonical Expression, Metadata Centralization, and Canonical Versioning.

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