Raul Seixas - Sunseed

Sunseed é uma música de Raul Seixas e Glória Vaquer. Lançada originalmente no albúm Novo Aeon de 1975.

Sunseed is a song written and composed by Raul Seixas and Gloria Vaquer and was recorded in 1975 in the album Novo Aeon.

You were born at the ending
As the curtain came down
I can see you're confused girl
But it's all right
It's only the chime
Announcing a new time
You see now

Boats are cruising the deserts
Oceans cracked by the heat
People drowning in raindrops
But it's all right
It's not a defeat
Stand on your own feet

Right now the sun doesn't shine
He´s loaded on wine
Though I can laugh in the storm
Bacause I was born

When the sun used to
Shine in June

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