Fool's Overture (Roger Hodgson - Supertramp) Live

"Fool's Overture" is the closing track from Supertramp's 1977 album Even in the Quietest Moments. Written and sung by guitarist, keyboard player, singer and songwriter Roger Hodgson, the song tells about World War II Britain and the lessons learned from it. The song, which is over 10 minutes long, is a collage of progressive instrumentation and sound samples. First there are excerpts of Winston Churchill's famous June 4, 1940 House of Commons speech regarding Britain's involvement in World War II ("Never Surrender"), and later sounds of police cars and church bells are heard. The flageolet-sounding instrument plays an excerpt from Gustav Holst's "Venus", from his orchestral suite The Planets. There is also a reading of the first verse of William Blake's poem "And did those feet in ancient time" (more commonly known as "Jerusalem"), ended by a very short sample of the band's song "Dreamer".
Its writing credits are given to Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, although it is a Hodgson composition.[1] Like John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles, Hodgson and Davies joined writer's credits from 1974 until 1983, when Hodgson left Supertramp to pursue a solo career.

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